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Financial Planning

Let us help you bring your finances into focus

FAB has served the Athens community and surrounding areas while remaining locally owned for over 90 years.  Longevity in the banking industry relies solely on relationship with customers.  Taking on a fiduciary role for our customers (our friends and neighbors) is the key to our success.  Fiduciary is just a fancy word for having someone’s best interest at heart.

You can expect nothing less from FAB financial and estate planning services.  In fact, our Certified Financial Planners™ are bound by their certification to serve as a fiduciary for all of their customers in keeping with our commitment to you.  Our planning process begins and ends with you and your expectations for how your money will best serve you and your heirs.

You have an established relationship with one of our dedicated Certified Financial Planners™, and now you will begin gathering the information that is pertinent to understanding your entire financial situation.  Customers often find this step to be eye opening, and a clear indicator of gaps needing to be addressed.

You and your designated Certified Financial Planner™ will organize what you have, identify what you need and determine how to achieve your goals for how your money will best serve you and your heirs.

You and your designated Certified Financial Planner™ will collaborate with your existing advisors; CPA, estate attorney, investment advisor (or your CFP can make recommendations for additional advisors you might need) to make sure your strategies are implemented.  The success of your financial and estate plan depends on proper implementation.

The FAB app, FABT MyPlan, is accessible online and on your mobile device.  You can use the app to monitor the progress of your plan, to run basic planning scenarios and to store copies of pertinent documents essential to your wealth management and wealth distribution in the virtual vault.  The aggregation feature of the app provides peace of mind and convenience for you and your heirs.

Your relationship with your designated Certified Financial Planner™ will be for the duration.  Reviewing your plan is perpetual and will occur either annually or as needed due to a substantial change in family, health or finance.