Skyline view of downtown Athens

About the Bank

Since 1928 we’ve been building much more than a bank.  We’ve been building a community.

Our Story

First American Bank & Trust is truly a part of Athens history.  Founded in 1928  by J. H. Hubert, we first opened our doors at the corner of College and Broad Streets across from the University of Georgia Arches.  In 1971 we acquired our current Main Office at 300 College Avenue, which was originally constructed in 1906 as the post office/federal courthouse.  Our building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and was the first adaptive reuse of an historical structure in the Downtown Athens area.  After extensive renovations,  we moved in June of 1973, and continue to utilize, adapt and preserve the building today.

Our stockholders are invested in success beyond our doors, because they live here. We put local dollars to work supporting local businesses, and help our community thrive.  First American Bank & Trust is not just a Community Bank in name.  With locations in Clayton, Winder, Watkinsville and Lawrenceville, First American Bank & Trust now delivers community building through local community banking beyond Athens. Since 1928 we’ve been building much more than a bank.  We’ve been building a community.  Stop by, and let us see how we can serve you.

Our Core Convictions

First American Bank & Trust understands that positive vision leads to positive action. That's why we spend so much of our time looking ahead, identifying what is true and what may be true in the future. Vision is very different from predictions; no one can, with exact certainty; predict what will happen, especially in the financial world. But when you have vision, you anticipate and you prepare. And when you're in a community that shares your vision, it's incredibly rewarding to see a future where we all aspire to become, to achieve and to create.
There is a saying: to be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart. We think your bank should have a heart-a big one. It goes beyond numbers. It's about caring for the people we serve. Showing compassion. Doing the little things that make a big difference. Why shouldn't your bank make your life better? At First American Bank & Trust, we can. It takes heart.
Wisdom is a powerful tool-one that gains strength when it is shared. Think of our bank as a place to deposit and withdraw wisdom. We can learn from each other. It's how we grow smarter. By drawing on decades of experience our bankers share, we are increasingly confident and trustworthy. And we can better serve you every day with flexibility, resourcefulness and skill.
At First American Bank & Trust, we balance the needs of our customers, team members and community. We achieve this by organizing, strategizing and maximizing what's best in all of us. To us, true balance is strong, stable and consistent. You can consistently expect us to perform like a leader and serve like a friend. We take the time; we make the time, to be here for the long haul.
Real partners support each other. And as your bank, we make support a top priority. From the friendly, day-to-day service we provide, to our deep involvement in the community, support comes easy for us. Like a good friend, we're always on your side, listening, advising, backing you up and helping you sustain your financial goals.