paying with a card

Debit Cards

First American Visa® Debit Card

Easier than writing a check and safer than carrying cash, First American's secure debit cards offer a variety of convenient features and useful benefits to make life a little bit easier.
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account to help you manage your budget
  • Transfer funds at ATMs
  • Card accepted at millions of locations
  • Use caution when making online purchases with your debit card. It is the number one place for risk.
  • When traveling, especially overseas, let us know, or use the travel notification feature in our app, FABTGo. We will place a note on your account to prevent disruption of use or flagging for fraud. Call us, 706-354-5000, or send a secure message through online banking. Please include the dates and destinations for your trip.
  • Keep your contact information up to date with us to ensure you receive important communications regarding your debit card.
  • When using point of sale terminals, like at gas stations or outdoor ATMs, inspect terminals for foreign devices before inserting your card.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible if you suspect fraudulent activity on your debit card. Save this number in your contacts for convenience: 888-297-3416 inside the US and 206-389-5200 outside the US.
  • You can find more helpful tips on how to protect yourself from fraud here: