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We'll help you get the home you want.
Whether you're young and just starting out or you've found the house to spend your golden years in, the mortgage specialists at First American can help.  Our lenders have the experience, vision and wisdom it takes to simplify financing and refinancing. It can all seem so complicated. That's why we partner with you, offering swift and simple home mortgage solutions to fit your individual circumstances.
First American Bank & Trust is committed to helping you get into to that new home as soon as possible. Depending on your particular circumstances, a conventional fixed-rate mortgage may be ideal, especially if you have excellent credit and qualify for a down payment as low as 5%. With a fixed-rate mortgage, there's no need to worry about rising rates since your monthly principal and interest payment remain the same for the life of the loan.
  • Low to no closing costs
  • Local decision-making
  • Hands-on support
  • Assistance at every step
  • First-time homebuyer specials
  • Refinancing available
An adjustable-rate mortgage can be an attractive option, especially for those planning not to be in their home for many years. Generally, these loans offer a lower rate than a fixed-rate loan for the first five to seven years of your term. After that, your rate will change–either up or down–with the market.

  • Lower initial monthly payments
  • Flexible terms
  • Caps on rate increases
If you're thinking big, you may need a big financing solution. A jumbo loan without the jumbo rates may be exactly right for you if the home you're looking to buy or refinance exceeds $417,000. The experienced mortgage lenders at First American Bank & Trust can help you get an affordable home loan. Options include:

  • Fixed and adjustable rates
  • Interest-only payment options
  • Local decision-making
Whether you're building or remodeling, you want make your house work best for you and your family. A construction loan from First American covers you from the ground up. Your loan can provide financing for the lot and construction.

  • Fixed, adjustable or floating rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Interest-only payments during construction
  • Competitive interest rates